SOCCER - Champions League /Supporters Cup 2018

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SOCCER - Champions League /Supporters Cup 2018


Play for the team you support. Play as the team you support. 

Our Champions League tournament is for local (YVR) supporters groups. 

If yours is Liverpool, play in Liverpool kit with other scousers. If your team is Bayern Munich, grab that new Alonso Davies shirt and some fellow supporters to join you.

Our first season/tournament will not have divisions but will be an open affair. Future seasons may see divisions according to the previous season's performance.

(To enter a team, simply complete your registration on this page. When prompted, note down your own name or your team name; this reserves your team’s spot, and then your players can join your team at their leisure, using this same link and noting down your name or team name. The per player fee is just $69.95)

Format: 7v7 (Open)

Locations: Trillium Park, Adanac Park, Empire Fields.

Days of Week: Sundays.

Times: Sunday options to choose from (1-4pm, and 8-10pm). Choose the window you prefer and most if not all games will occur in that window. Each team plays once per week over three weeks of group stage games and then at least one playoff match.

Start Date: Mid-September

Tournament Length: 4-6 weeks, depending on your team’s results in the group stages and playoffs. [Each team gets a minimum of three group stage matches and at least one knock-out playoff game. Top two teams in each division advance to the Cup Playoffs. The bottom two teams in each division advance to the Plate Playoffs.]

Other Important Info: We are the only rec. sports organization in Vancouver to use BC-certified referees, CL match balls, and to allocate proceeds to local causes for youth-in-need. We are also the only rec. sports organization in North America to be the recipient of the MLS Community MVP Award.

Any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you!

Please email us here.

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