SOCCER - 7V7 (Men's) [Fall '18]

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SOCCER - 7V7 (Men's) [Fall '18]

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Grab a spot in YVR’s only non-profit 7v7 Men’s soccer league. Real refs. FIFA-Approved match balls. Post-match socials. Great prizes and perks (e.g., bar-tabs), awarded nightly. Proceeds help local, under-served youth.

This page is for individual registrants (free agents and players who are signing up for a specific team). If you would like to register your own team, please email us.

Format: 7v7 (Open)

Location: Adanac Park (SW Pitch, grass), and Empire Fields (South Pitch, turf)

Days of Week: Sundays

Kick Off Times: 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm (Adanac Park); 8 pm and 9 pm (Empire Fields).

Start Date: September 16th preseason for new teams; Sept 23rd for returning teams.

Season Length: 10 weeks.

The number of games that a team plays within this 10-week period varies according to a number of factors, such as the number of teams that register, weather cancelations, and on whether or not a team makes a post-season competition, and more. 10-weeks does not necessarily equate to 10 games played.

If a team is unavailable to play on a holiday weekend, we will endeavor to schedule a make-up game, which could require that the team plays a double-header (two matches a night). If a team does not make itself available for a double-header on offer, then we may not be able to offer another opportunity to play the missed match.

A typical 8-team league will involve 7-regular season games and a playoff competition for all 8 teams. Most playoff competitions will be a single-knockout format. However, we always try to make post-season competitions a double-knockout affair. The above restrictions (weather, holiday Mondays, etc.) often preclude the double-knockout format. But we try to make it happen as best we can!

If a season has more than 9 teams, the format can result in two divisions, plus playoffs, or an English Premiership-like format where all teams play each other once, with no playoffs. Such a format, as above, takes place over 10 weeks but does not mean every team will play 10 games. For example, a 10-team league played for points like the Premiership would involved nine games. A two division format would involve fewer regular season games but an interdivisional post-season competition, involving more games than a standard single-division format.

In short, we adapt to many different variables and always endeavor to provide games each and every week over the 10-week period.

When field permits, weather etc. allows, we try to do pre-season games but these are not guaranteed events. They should be considered a bonus. They may take a season to 11 weeks in duration.

Any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you!

Please email us here.

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